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Days for Baptism Holy Saviour Parish 2017

The Naming of Jesus – January 1st

The Baptism of our Lord (First Sunday after Epiphany) – January 8th 2017 & January 7th 2018

*The Presentation of the Lord – February 2nd

(Sunday 4th February celebration)


The Annunciation – March 25th

Easter Vigil – April 15th

Easter Day – April 16th

*The Visit of Mary to Elizabeth – May 31st

(Sunday 28th May celebration)


Pentecost – June 4th

Trinity Sunday – June 11th

*Birth of John the Baptist (June 24th) & Saint Peter & St. Paul            (June 29th) – Sunday 25th June Celebration

The Transfiguration – August 6th

*Saint Mary the Virgin – August 15th

(Sunday 13th August Celebration)


*Holy Cross Day – September 14th

(Sunday 10th September Celebration)

*St Michael & All Angels  – September 29th

All Saints’ Day – November 1st

Christ the King – November 26th

Advent II or III – December 10th or December 17th

Christmas Day – December 25th


*Baptism at these times will be offered on the feast day during the week or the Sunday  listed.

First QuarterSecond QuarterThird QuarterFourth Quarter
January 1st April 15th /16thAugust 6thNovember 1st
January 8th May 31stAugust 13th /15th November 26th
February 2nd /4th June 4th September 10th /14th December 10th /17th
March 25th June 11thSeptember 29thDecember 25th
June 24th/ 25th /29th

*Parents desirous of having their children baptized,  Must attend a Church Service in the Parish of Holy Saviour either on a Sunday or during the week for the celebration of Thanksgiving for the Birth of a Child, prior to the date of baptism.

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